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We are the new kids on the block and loving it!
Would you mind cutting the grass? I'm ticklish! Bria. (It's an optical illusion. She does have 4 legs!)
Hey Santa! I'm me. Aerial view of Craigalleen Farm - AFS Aerial Photography
Pretty in pink! I don't know... The chocolate eggs just disappeared!
A moment like this.... Priceless! (2012) Triple Play Video (2012)
Hey, are they getting treats over there? (2012) Quit kidding around... who has the keys? (2012)
Which is better... My Profile? Or my head shot?
Put another quarter in... I'm running out! (2012) Can I tell you a secret? I love it here at Craigalleen Farm (2013)
I'm just a sad, widdle barn cat... Are you sure you want me? Beatrice and Friend


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